Simply Performance and Lister

Simply Performance and Lister Cars

Simply Performance has always been very interested in Lister. Not only are we based less than 10 miles from the factory in Leatherhead, we still work alongside Peter Godwin of Godwin Cars. Peter is the ex-head mechanic of Lister cars and worked on most of the production Lister XJS’s and Le mans. Peters knowledge of Listers is second to none. Peter and Simply Performance work together to offer Lister like services and parts to Jaguar enthusiasts. Simply Performance specialises in offering parts and engineering services whilst Peter has his own independent workshop locally to carry out the mechanical work.

Simply Performance offer a range of Lister style bolt on modifications such as body kits, badges, plinth scripts, wheels, large throttle bodies and V12 manual conversions. A unique set of services and parts that are not on offer anywhere else in the market. Simply Performance prides itself on good customer focus offering good value for money whilst you receive a tailored service for your needs.

Simply Performance has been involved with over 30 Listers. We have a wide network of customers who own and enjoy Listers. We would like to keep an informal record of where these cars are, so if you happen to have a Lister or want to sell your Lister – get in touch as we would love to know!