Cobra donor packages

Cobra Donor Packages

We try and make it as easy as possible to navigate the complicated Jaguar suspensions that your kit car needs

We have supplied over 150 build packages to be built into a variety of kit cars. We supply the complete package with everything that you will need. Everything that we sell is guaranteed to be in a usable condition. The main kit car that we supply our packages for is the AC Cobra. The complete package fits on one pallet and can be sent to your address. Our services are tailored to your needs, depending on what generation build that you may be doing. More crucial, we can supply your differential in a ratio that will suit your engine and build spec.

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We work very closely with the Cobra builders and have good relationships with all of them. We are finding the most common kits at the moment are the AK and DAX kits. These use XJ6 axles and are the best for kit car application in our opinion. They have outboard discs all round and are slightly more user friendly than the XJS which is an older style setup.

Once we have established what kit you are using, we then calculate your optimum ratio taking into consideration your driving style, engine, transmission and kit. Each model of Jaguar has a different variation of differential ratios with some available as open diffs and Power Lock PL. Once we have the ratio we supply both front and rear axles with the front springs removed. They will be mostly complete and you will have to strip and send off the necessary components to your builder to have altered. We generally supply and recommend that you use an XJS handbrake, which is a fly off handbrake, a set of slave wheels and a full set of wheel nuts. We also can supply all the documentation to register your Cobra, this is only needed if you are using a second hand engine.

The ratio differences are:

  • XJS Rear inboard in ratios such as (2.88, 3.058, 3.31 and 3.54)
  • XJ6 Rear outboard brakes in ratios such as (XJ40 X300 3.27 3.58 3.77 4.09)

Generally the recommended ratio is a 3.58.

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All our suspension parts are cleaned before dispatch. All the parts are tailored for your needs, ratios hand picked to ensure we supply the correct ones. We have a large variety so we would be happy to discuss your requirements and select the correct one. Generally the recommended ratio is a 3.58.

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